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Mobile Platforms

Like an operating system in a PC, mobile phones or other handheld devices also run on operating systems, known as mobile platforms. The latest phones or modern day phones can be compared to handheld computers and their operating systems are also much more complicated and powerful than those of the initial days. The modern day smartphones run on a variety of platforms.

There are Android phones, Blackberry phones, Windows Phones and also the iPhones, all of which run on different and varied platforms of their own. We are one of the best companies that specialises in developing apps for all available mobile platforms as well as cross platform applications.

Designing apps for these different platforms is a challenging process. Many developers prefer to stick to a certain OS for developing apps, whereas some prefer to develop cross platform mobile apps that can be used across a number of mobile platforms.

IOS: objective C and IOS: XCODE are used to develop apps for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Programming with objective C and iOS: XCODE is extremely interesting as per most developers. We have some of the most talented application developers who program and develop applications both on SDK/JAVA and XCODE with the same ease and effectivity.

Today, the most popular smartphones are run on Android platforms. The most popular application for Android phones are designed and developed using Android: Eclipse and Android: SDK/JAVA depending the kind of Android platform and also the kind of apps. Applications for Blackberry OS are developed on Java and hence the preference can be documented as Blackberry: JAVA. Windows based phones have also been among the fastest in catching up smartphone segments.

Apps for Windows phone: SDK/.NET are developed using SDK/.NET softwares. J2MEE can port app to various other phones including the ones with proprietary Operating systems like Blackberry, iPhones using their native UI components. While most of our applications are available for free and also cross platform usage, some are available for a price while a few are dedicated for particular mobile OS. It’s better if you check the compatibility before downloading.

Mobile Platforms:

  • iOS : Objective C
  • iOS : XCODE
  • Android: Eclipse
  • Android: SDK/Java
  • Blackberry: Java
  • Windows Phone: SDK/.NET
  • J2MEE