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Search Engine Optimization

When every bit of software programming, application development and customization is done for your site, search engine optimization is the final (and ongoing) chapter of our services. This is because your site is now ready to put before your target audience.We always approach search engine optimization from a client’s standpoint. Our strategies are

programmed to meet the unique needs of your website goals and target market. By working with your company throughout the entire process, we are able to decide exactly which strategy will provide the maximum results for your SEO campaign.Our Search Engine Optimization Campaign We know how the search engines operate and what users search on the internet. That’s why our client sites have to date attained higher rankings in search engines. We know exactly what it takes to get top ranks and more essentially how to maintain that position for a long time thus capitalizing on your traffic and Return on Investment (RoI).

As an SEO company, our campaign consists of the following steps:

  • Full analysis or your site (readability, usability) with in-depth reporting
  • Research into identifying the most relevant keywords
  • Complete analysis of your competitor sites for the selected keywords
  • Further website code enhancement
  • Manual submission to all major search engines and directories
  • URL optimization – making your URLs search engine friendly

As an SEO Company, AI’s search engine optimization specialists provide genuine, time-tested organic SEO services that have proven to bring amazing results. An important part that differentiates us from mediocre search engine marketers is our ability to provide ongoing and affordable SEO services and maintenance, which guarantees that your top rankings will be taken good care of by professional search engine marketers for very affordable SEO services on monthly fee basis